NRA Basic Courses

NRA Basic Course

Pistol, rifle, shotgun, Personal Protection in the Home, and Range Safety Officer are offered according to our Basic Course schedule for 2019. The Registration Form is also on this web site.

Cost $100

NRA Personal Protection In The Home (PPITH)

MN Permit to Carry (MPPA)

Requirements for the MN carry permit are all met in the NRA PPITH course. This is an 8 - hour course, beginning at 8:00 AM. (See Our NRA Basic Course Schedule)

Bring your firearm, 2 boxes of practice ammunition, ear and eye protection.A pre-course shooting assessment is required for this course.

(Minimum - 4 students per class)

Cost $100

Range Safety Officer

A popular course for people who want to work closely with their ranges. Or, for those who work with firearm programs in Boy Scouts, 4-H and other similar organizations. It helps you comply with rules, regulations, range inspections, safety, and emergency procedures. This is an 8 hour course, beginning at 8:00 AM. No firearms required (See Our NRA Basic Shooting Course Schedule)​

​​​​​​​Cost $100

2019 NRA Basic Shooting Courses Schedule-

* Note: The basic NRA Personal Protection In The Home (permit to carry) dates are as listed below.
These basic courses are offered one time only this year.


2 – NRA Rifle

8:00a - 10:00p



16 - NRA Range Safety Officer

8:00a - 5:00p



 6 – NRA Shotgun

8:00a - 5:00p



18 - NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting

8:00a - 6:00p



13 - NRA Personal Protection In The Home (Permit to Carry)

8:00a - 5:00p


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